All U.S. Rotarians can earn $50 for your Rotary club by applying online for the Rotary International Platinum Plus MasterCard credit card at the web link below and make qualifying purchases with your new card. At the same time, you will be supporting Rotary's $200 Million Challenge to eradicate Polio from the face of the earth.

Raising money toward Rotary's $200 Million Challenge is as easy as buying a gallon of milk or a tube of toothpaste. When you use your Rotary International credit card to make purchases or pay bills, a portion of what you spend will go straight to the End Polio Now campaign. More than $700,000 was raised this way for the challenge in 2008-09 alone. Since Rotary International launched the affinity card program in 2000, it has raised $7 million for The Rotary Foundation.

U.S. Rotarians who apply can earn $50 for their Rotary clubs by charging $75 within 90 days of receiving the card. Cardholders in the United States and Canada will also receive up to 1 percent cash back or other rewards for their purchases. The card is available in more than a dozen countries and geographical areas; terms and member benefits vary by location. Cardholders do not have to be Rotarians, so friends and family members can also support Rotary's drive to eradicate polio by using the card for their purchases.

Click on the link under Useful Links on our home page for more details and an application form.

Editor's Note:  It took one week from applying on-line, to receiving my Rotary International Platinum Plus MasterCard.  It was a very simply process.  It could work out to be a great fundraiser for the club, when you meet the purchase requirements within the first 90 days after receiving your card.  I have already met the purchase requirements.  The $50 check arrived for our club.  If each of our members signed-up and met the purchase requirements, that would be an easy club fundraiser of over $1,000.  Have you applied on-line to get yours?  Our Past President applied for his, and we have received another $50 check for the club.  Why don't you get on-line and do it today!  It's easy to complete.  Without a doubt, this is the easiest club fundraiser in the world.  Take five minutes and sign up today!