The Fowler Rotary Club held a service day project in the downtown Fowler area on Saturday, May 21st, with another Fowler Rotary Clean Sweep project.

The Fowler Rotary Club members used the opportunity to clean up alleys located behind and in between the buildings around the business district in downtown Fowler, by picking up trash and chopping down weeds and tall grass in those areas.  We also used the opportunity to clean up around our flag pole Adopt-A-Spot area at the triangle of US 52, 5th Street and Washington Avenue in Fowler, IN.

Our efforts that day, caught on with several others, as we even ran into more infividuals taking the opportunity to spruce up their properties located in the downtown area.  We would have gone further, but the afternoon rain cut our efforts short. 

We appreciate the support of the Town of Fowler officials, who gave us their support in our efforts.  Thank you to all of you who have noticed our efforts, and have shared their positive comments with us.  That is what keeps us excited about our efforts to keep our community looking good.

We appreciate the efforts of the dedicated Fowler Rotarians who started the project on Saturday morning at 9:00 am, after some fresh donuts, coffee, milk and juice provide by Rotarians Michele Brouillette and Dave Guthridge.  Some of our fine Rotarains had to leave before the day was complete, but we certainly appreciated their dedication to assist, for as long as they could be there.  Every Fowler Rotarian was excited about what we had accomplished in our community at the end of the day's project.  This was our second opportunity to clean up in the area since last October, 2010, with the first Indiana Rotarians at Work Day across the state.  We know this initiative will continue in the future, thanks to your support and encouragement.